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Apple is now an official member of the Oscar-related Academy Software Foundation

The fact that Apple has entered the world of television production (as a producer, not as a content distributor) with the Apple TV + is already yielding good results in the audiovisual medium for the company, even without its new streaming has been released.

Among the news, Ma is now an official member of Academy Software Foundation (ASWF), a collaborative entity that promotes the development of open source software in the media sectors, as reported by Variety.

ASWF was launched in August 2018 by the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences (creator of Oscar), in partnership with the Linux Foundation. Overall, the foundation is described as "a neutral forum for open source software developers to share resources and collaborate on technologies for image creation, visual effects, animation and sound."

Filmmakers everywhere use Apple products. We are delighted to welcome Apple as a new member and look forward to working with them to ensure that our open source projects work well on Apple's software platforms.

In addition to Apple, Microsoft was also invited today to join the institution, which includes some television and film industry giants such as Netflix, Amazon, Cisco, DreamWorks, Sony, Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros., among others.

Remember that the Apple TV + will be released on November 1st, including in Brazil, for $ 10 monthly with seven free trial days.

via MacRumors