Apple is now a sponsoring member of the NFC Forum

Apple is now a sponsoring member of the NFC Forum

It took a long time, but last year Apple finally surrendered technology NFC (near field communication) and implemented it “simultaneously” on iPhones 6 and 6 Plus, Apple Watch and iPad Air 2 and mini 3 after all, inside that chip that is the "Secure Element" necessary for the Apple Pay work on physical purchases.

For now, that's just what NFC is for in Apple products, but rumors already indicate that it wants to expand its functionality. And now he painted a news that gives more weight to this: Apple has just become a sponsoring member of NFC Forum, with Aon Mujtaba director of wireless systems engineering at Apple representing her on the organization's board of directors.

With that, Apple starts to actively participate in the advancement of technology in the same way as it already does with Bluetooth and even with USB.

Among other companies that are part of the NFC Forum are Broadcom, Qualcomm, Google, Intel, Sony, Samsung, Visa and MasterCard.

(via 9to5Mac)