Apple is no longer exchanging iPhones 7/7 Plus with microphone problems out of warranty

Two months ago, we commented here that Apple had silently acknowledged a problem caused after installing iOS 11.3 or 11.3.1 that prevented the microphone from working for some iPhones 7/7 Plus during telephone calls or via FaceTime, in addition to preventing the activation of the speakerphone feature.

On the occasion, Ma opened a small (and silent so much that it was only discovered after the disclosure of an internal document) exchange program that included devices whose warranty had already expired. Now, that is no longer the case.

According to information obtained by the MacRumors through sources at Apple Authorized Service Centers, Ma has deleted the internal document that guided its assistance to offer free repair of iPhones affected by the out-of-warranty problem. Now, if your device malfunctions and is no longer covered by the company's standard warranty or AppleCare +, you will need to pay the standard repair fee to repair it.

Which makes the whole story very strange that Apple has never officially commented on the issue; as far as is known, no one is sure what has caused the problem in the microphones of the affected iPhones except for the fact that the defect only appears even on devices running iOS 11.3 or 11.3.1 (which are no longer being signed by Apple , that is, no one can officially install them anymore).

Leaving consumers like this, in the dark, and canceling out-of-warranty exchanges, Apple makes a double mistake, as it does not clarify the reason for the problem and leaves the affected users to pay to resolve it, as we do not know. if it was caused by a mistake by Ma herself, in the first place.

Although the failure affected a (supposedly) small number of users, it is not legal what is happening. We will see if the story still has more developments or if it will stay that way.