Apple is more present than ever at CES

Apple, as always, is not participating in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019. I mean, not directly; we can say with absolute certainty that the company is involved, yes, in the event.

First with the announcement above, which we publish on our Instagram (if you still don't follow us there, you should). According to news involving the arrival of content from the iTunes Store and AirPlay 2 on TVs from Samsung, LG and other manufacturers.

But it's not over, no. According to the TechCrunch, Apple invited journalists to visit booths of some partner companies that are advertising products connected to the HomeKit platform at CES. That is, even in participating in loco in what can be considered the largest technology fair in the world, Ma is making itself present.

Apple's extra “little help” in promoting these new products makes sense: last year, the company launched a new software authentication system, along with iOS 11.3, abandoning the requirement to include an MFi chipset in products compatible with HomeKit and making things a lot easier for partner companies. And a reflection of that, possibly, the amount of new products being launched in 2019 supporting the protocol.

We have, for example: new Wemo switches (from Belkin, US $ 40) that allow control of traditional lights by iPhone or Siri; a light strip (from Eve) just like Philips Hue; a smart plug (from ConnectSense; $ 60) that allows you to track energy consumption; a new line of smart locks (from Kwikset) with touch screen and a more contemporary / elegant look; a modular intelligent lighting system (from Nanoleaf, starting at $ 248) that can create fun and beautiful patterns and even respond to music; a smart video doorbell (from Netatmo) that allows customers to see, on their phone, who is at the door; and much more.

As we can see, Apple is not attending CES; on the other hand, he has never been so present in Las Vegas.