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Apple is investigated for grabbing 30% of subscription to other streaming services on the App Store

As many of you may know, when Apple opened its app store it introduced a 70/30 policy: to sell an app on the App Store, developers are left with 70% of the value and the others 30% they stay with Apple in order to cover the costs involved in the operation as a whole (servers, transaction, etc.).

This is also true for applications that sell subscriptions, such as magazines and streaming. If the subscription is made through the iOS app, Apple bites 30%. Only that we have a ?problem?, after all, Ma now has its own streaming of music and many can see this 30% bite as something unfair or even anti-competitive in the USA, for example, Spotify even sent emails to customers telling them to cancel the automatic renewal of the subscription in the app and subscribe everything over the web, saving $ 3 with this operation.

FTCMark Van Scyoc /

Because the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) decided to open an investigation to find out, the agency would even have already sent subpoenas to these streaming in order to collect more information and determine whether the App Store rules are really anti-competitive.

In fact, it is a very controversial topic. On the one hand, it really seems anti-competitive since Apple is able to offer a service at a cheaper price; on the other hand, it also competes with several apps available on the App Store (it itself offers a productivity suite that pays, unless for those who purchase a iGadget Novo and other companies do not seem to be harmed by this).

We'll see what the FTC says about all of this, but something tells me that Apple is not going to do very well in this

(via The Verge)