Apple is hiring hundreds of engineers who will focus on improving Siri

There is already an agreement among those who follow technology that Crab definitely not the smartest of virtual assistants, especially in portuguese.

This became even more evident with the arrival of the HomePod, even though it is slightly more “smart” on the speaker than we are.


If that is already true among us, imagine for Apple; surely she knows even if she doesn't admit where the callus squeezes.

And to try to recover, it seems that Ma is finally doing something about it: as Thinknum noted, Apple is hiring hundreds of engineers focused only on improving Siri.

Siri HomePod

The number of open vacancies that contain the term "Siri" has accelerated in the last few weeks, being the biggest demand of all time, with 161 job vacancies published only today.

This marks a leap in hiring the 24% keyword in just over a month.

As can be seen in the chart below, which shows the number of vacancies according to the term "Siri", the company continued to look for good employees to improve the assistant, but is currently hiring basically twice as many as in the same period last year. .

Something, therefore, must have driven the growth even more aggressive in seeking trained engineers and what can be seen in the graph, which shows an increase in the number of vacancies from July last year and a peak in February this year, exactly when HomePod was launched and several users commented on their biggest weakness being Siri.

Siri Jobs

Regarding the vacancies available, 154 are for software engineers, while only 1 for design, 3 are for product manager and 3 are for information and technology systems.

As for the priests in the positions, the most common title is "Siri – Software Engineer", of which there are five positions.

J Siri – iOS Engineer has three vacancies.

The rest are a handful of engineering skills, from Infrastructure Engineers, Machine Learning Engineers, to Natural Language Processing Engineers (NLP).

Will we finally see a Siri of the same level or even better than the other assistants on the market? We can only hope, wait and, in the case of Brazil, wait a little longer.

via Cult of Mac