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Apple is hiring “creative writers” to improve Siri

We already know that Crab Evolving turtle-like and Apple seems to be content to eat dust for the main competitors in the digital assistants segment, but that doesn't mean there's a total disinterest in Cupertino for the polite lady who lives inside every iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch. , HomePod and Mac. Want proof? Just look at these recent findings from Thinknum.

The site found that Apple is opening more and more vacancies for engineers and “creative writers” specializing in a range of areas such as sports, weather, actions and productivity. These hires are in some countries for multilingual professionals, and specifically refer to Siri, indicating that we are really talking about a Ma initiative to enhance its digital assistant.

Vacancies, all within Siri's umbrella, include, for example, a position called “Siri Editorial Manager”, another “Snior Software Engineer – Sports”, an “International Creative Writer (in French)” and a “ International Creative Writer (in Cantons of Hong Kong) ”. Jobs will be held in cities such as Cupertino, Seattle, Paris and Beijing.

Interesting also to note the expanded job descriptions. The vacant "Senior Sports Software Engineer," for example, says Apple is looking for someone with "a combination of strong technical skills, a desire to build exceptional consumer resources and a deep love for sports." Already the vacant “Siri Editorial Manager” asks someone to create “polite and consistent dialogues” for the assistant.

It's worth noting that Apple has been hiring Siri since 2016, but the pace of open jobs is growing at an impressive rate. Just look at the chart with related job vacancies assistant at Ma:

For now, there is no way to know if these hires will bring about any visible practical change Siri, or if the assistant simply continues to advance in turtle steps as it currently does. Anyway, it can't help cheering for some improvements for her on iOS 13, really?

Apple loses key engineer

As the company intensifies hiring for Siri, a senior hardware engineer recently left Cupertino. Gerard Williams III, senior director of platform architecture, asked for accounts at the end of last month after nine years at Apple, CNET.

Bionic A12X Chip

Despite not being a particularly well-known name in the industry, Williams was one of Ma's most important people in developing his own chips: the engineer led the creation of all Ma's processors since A7, the first 64-bit mobile chip, even the A12X that equips the latest iPads Pro. He also oversaw the development of various other parts of processors and is listed as the inventor of over 60 Ma patents.

The reasons for Williams's departure have not been revealed, and it is not known whether he intends to join (or has already done so) with another company. For now, there is only the feeling that Apple has lost an important talent.

but hires Tesla talent

As the meetings and farewells are endless in Cupertino, Williams left, but another important name in the industry entered my ship. As reported by Electrek, Apple recently hired Michael Schwekutsch, until then Tesla vice president responsible for the development of electric motors of the company.

Michael Schwekutsch, former Tesla engineer hired by Apple

Schwekutsch stayed with Elon Musk for three years, where he collaborated on engine development projects and helped teams in aspects such as noise reduction, vibration and harshness. Prior to Tesla, the engineer already had stints at BorgWagner and GKN Driveline.

At Apple, he assumed the role of senior engineering director in a so-called “special projects group” that is, a group responsible for developing undisclosed products and services. It does not take much insight to deduce that Schwekutsch's special project is precisely the "Titan Project," Apple's ambitious plan to build its autonomous car (or system for autonomous cars, nobody knows yet).

Will the union give broth? We'll see

via The Loop, Cult of Mac