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Apple is found not guilty in a fatal accident involving FaceTime

Two years ago, we spoke here of an unfortunate road accident in Texas (United States), when a five-year-old child died after the car in which he was hit by another car at high speed.

As the driver of this other vehicle was using the FaceTime at the time of the collision, the girl's parents sued Apple, claiming that the company had responsibility in the accident for never having implemented a patent registered in 2009 that described a tool to prevent the use of a smartphone by the driver of a moving vehicle. .

Now, two years later, as reported by BBC, the process was terminated without any kind of nudity for Apple. The California court where the action was being tried ruled that Ma has no liability in the accident and owes no compensation to the couple. James and Bethany Modisette, parents of the victim. According to the determination, it is impossible to determine that the design of the iPhone and the operation of FaceTime constitute a direct cause of the damage sustained.

The court had already reached that conclusion last May, but the couple filed several appeals against Apple; all ended with the same determination. Basically, the judges agree that it is not the responsibility of technology companies for their use of their products; The fault of the accident, therefore, rests entirely on the shoulders of Garrett Wilhelm, the 20-year-old who was using FaceTime while driving his own car.

Whatever the outcome, the whole story is very sad. At least be aware: Never, never operate electronic devices while driving the consequences can be fatal.

via Apple World Today