Apple is forced to publish message on its Italian website saying it was wrong

In Italy, Apple lost a lawsuit in late 2018 related to more specifically programmed obsolescence, in which case the company decreased the processing power of iPhones with old / worn batteries.

The Italian court ruled that it did not provide adequate information on the matter and on the availability of iOS 10.2.1 before everything was widely publicized by the media (meaning that it only took action after the problem was discovered). For this reason, Ma was forced to publish a statement on the homepage of its Italian website, as reported by @setteBIT.

Notice stamped on Apple's Italian website

Here is our free translation of the message:



Apple Inc., Apple Distribution International, Apple Italia Srl and Apple Retail Italia Srl have led consumers with iPhones 6/6 Plus / 6s / 6s Plus to install the iOS 10 operating system and sequential updates without providing adequate information about the impact of that choice on smartphone performance and without offering (except to a limited extent or later) any means of restoring the original functionality of the devices in the event of a proven decrease in performance after the upgrade (such as disqualification or battery replacement at reasonable costs).

This practice was assessed as incorrect, according to articles 20, 21, 22 and 24 of Legislative Decree no. 206/2005 (Consumer Code) by the Italian Competition Authority.

The Inspection Agency ordered the publication of this amendment statement, pursuant to paragraph 8 of article 27 of the Consumer Code.

(provision approved at the meeting of 25 September 2018 and available on the website

Although stamped on the bottom of the page, it is still a tough measure against Apple, the company also had to pay a fine of R $ 43 million in the country.

via 9to5Mac