Apple is fined for failing to deliver documents regarding the Federal Trade Commission v. Qualcomm

Apple and Qualcomm they are in a war situation like that. It all started after the Federal Trade Commission accused Qualcomm of monopoly; after that, Ma also went after her.

However, in this specific case involving the FTC and Qualcomm, Apple went awry. This is because, according to the Bloomberg the judge responsible for the case, Nathanael Cousins, lost patience with Ma and applied sanctions for her delay in delivering documents in the process which prove that Qualcomm forced her to use her chips exclusively.

Apple was ordered to pay a fine of $ 25,000 a day, starting December 16; The company has until December 29 to deliver such evidence and, if it does not do so, it will have to pay more, for slightly more violent (unreported) fines. We agree that US $ 25 thousand a day is not much for a company that, according to the financial results of the last quarter, generates this amount every 16 seconds

Defending itself from the “accusation”, Apple (which is not part of this process, it is worth mentioning) said that it has already produced more than 2.6 million documents, which were duly delivered on time (until December 15th).

We have already produced millions of documents for this case and are working hard to deliver another million more that were requested in an unprecedented period. We plan to appeal that decision.

Josh Rosenstock, Apple spokesman.

We'll see how it goes. While nothing about all the cases in which the companies fight defined, Qualcomm has been suffering from the non-payment of royalties Apple and millionaire losses that were reflected in its last fiscal quarter.