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Apple is filing patents for borderless displays and integrated biometric sensors – can you imagine what that means?

As you well know, it is not our character here cover Apple's patent filing routine that involves all kinds of technology, from the most distant and futuristic to the closest and most applicable. These here, however, are very hot!

The website Patently apple recently discovered 56 patents filed by Ma, 2 of which talk intensely about rumors of a particularly anticipated product for the near future.

Apple Curved and Borderless Screen Patent

The first of these (# 9,652,096) describes a technology used to “reduce the edge area on a device” or, in other words, create screens that occupy the entire front surface of a particular device. Moreover, the patent describes a screen that can be curved at the edges of the device in question, bringing the advantages of expanding the touch area to the edges of the apparatus and reducing its width.

Integrated Screen Touch ID Patent

The second intriguing patent of the day (# 9,652,066) is all about the previous one: it describes a technology that puts a device's fingerprint sensor under your screen without the need for a specific area dedicated to it! Such technology would also be able to read the user's fingerprint at any angle, so it would not be necessary to place the finger on the screen in a specific position for authentication to work.

If you have been following the furious rumors machine of the “IPhone 8 ″ / X / Edition / Pro”You are certainly bald to know that these two features are the most speculated as major in the handset. However, some rumors of recent months have cast doubt on its presence in the final version of the device that we will see in the second half. For example, it has been said that the screen of this new iPhone would not be curved, just extending to the edges of the device (more or less as it currently works on iPhones 6 / 6s / 7); In addition, certain companies They have tried this year to employ a biometric sensor on the screen and have given up at the last minute for not finding the ideal solution.

That is why Apple would get a reasonable lead over its competitors if it could present a curved / borderless iPhone and with a 100% integrated Touch ID. Of course, patents do not necessarily mean that the technology is ready for immediate use, but at least now we have the suggestion that, yes, it must exist in Cupertino and we may see something along these lines in the coming months. To be? 🙏🏼

via The Verge