Apple will release its financial results for the fiscal third quarter of 2016 on July 26

Apple is considered the most valuable brand in the world for the sixth consecutive time

In April, the Apple released its financial results for the second fiscal quarter of 2016. The growth achieved in the past 13 years has unfortunately not been maintained, which ended up causing Ma's shares to fall sharply. There was a lot of buzz through the press and the internet, people raising debates about a possible decay of the company, in short, all kinds of unfounded comments.

The fact is, what many may not realize is that it still has very high numbers when compared to so many others in the industry. This Wednesday (11/5), this argument was confirmed by the disclosure of the list of Forbes titled The most valuable brands in the world in 2016 in which Apple arrived in first place for the sixth consecutive year.

Apple most valuable brand 2016

As demonstrated above, the Apple brand value was estimated at $ 154.1 billion, 87% more than the runner-up Google, valued at $ 82.5 billion. Ma generated annual revenue of $ 233.7 billion, investing $ 1.8 billion in advertising.

David Reibstein, professor of marketing and brand specialist at the University of Pennsylvania, explained that “brands are evaluated according to the customers' perspective. What makes a company valuable is how much customers are willing to pay for their products ”.

Other technology companies appear on the list, such as Microsoft in 3 place (US $ 75.2 billion), Facebook in 5 (US $ 52.6 billion), IBM in 7 (US $ 41.4 billion). And, in case you're wondering, Samsung won 11th place with $ 31.1 billion. You can check the entire list here.

(via AppleInsider)