Apple is asking MacBook Pro owners if they still use headphone output

When you think things couldn't get worse, Apple goes there and throws one more foot in its simple ray of hope. After removing the iPhone's headphone port long before the world was even minimally prepared for it, Cupertino's company is now asking owners of MacBooks Pro around the globe on the use of the centennial little door.

Apple search for MacBook Pro users on headphone jack

The first to note this was a reader of the MacRumors, who shared the question with the site; Then, several other users on Twitter made the chorus information, saying that, in a survey directed at using the various connectivity of the MacBook Pro, one of the questions is exactly about the 3.5mm output. The very straightforward question: “Have you ever used the headphones port of your Retina display MacBook Pro?”

Of course, this is not enough evidence to believe that Apple will withdraw, at least not in the near future and perhaps not so soon if the survey results are mostly positive. But an indication that yes, this is a possibility that is in the mind of Tim Cook and his class.

Another research question does not let me lie: it questions the method users employ to transfer media from a digital camera to the Mac, highlighting Ma's plans to file memory card slot, “old” USB ports and any others not named USB-C.

We will see what the future awaits us