2019 ranking of Brazilian dream companies

Apple is among the companies that Brazilians dream of working with

18 years ago, the group Cia de Talentos performs the study annually Dream Career, which interviews young people, professionals in middle management positions and senior Brazil to find out which companies they most dream of working for. THE Apple, which sporadically appears on the list, was present in its 2019 edition.

The study is divided into three categories: young, middle management and high leadership. Apple appeared only last, in sixth place – neither young people nor middle management executives cited Apple as one of their top ten dream companies. In the three categories, the Google won first place, while the Nestlé was in the vice leadership.

2019 ranking of Brazilian dream companies

The 2019 edition of the survey heard 96,827 professionals from the three categories in Brazil, and was based on three pillars: truth (how transparent a company is in relation to the employee), how the employee’s lifestyle can be added to work, finally, the meaning of moving towards an objective.

Among high-level executives, who cited Apple, it was clear that the search for a dream company is linked mainly to ability to innovate (29% of responses cited this aspect), the organizational culture (26%) and the company’s impact on society (20%). Young people, in turn, cited as the most important factors the capacity to innovate (30%), the organizational culture (22%), the impact on society (17%) and the presence of inspiring professionals (17%).

THE Infomoney He pointed out that at the moment, Apple has ten vacancies open in Brazil – seven in São Paulo (SP), two in Guarulhos (SP) and one in Recife (PE). If you are within the requirements of one of the vacancies and have Apple as one of your dream companies, bid on the opportunity. ?