Newzoo on video game market, 2018

Apple is already the fourth largest game company in the world – even above Nintendo

When the App Store it appeared almost 11 years ago, no one foresaw the magnitude that the store would have less than a decade later or the way that its creation would decisively influence the course of the technological world – and of the world as a whole, by the way. Even in the world of video games, the advent of the store was a huge hit, as shown by a recent survey by Newzoo.

According to the firm, Apple is today nothing less than the fourth largest company in the gaming world in terms of revenue. Only in 2018, Apple generated $ 9.453 billion with games trade on the App Store, 18% more than in 2017 – which makes the company less powerful only than the Tencent, a Sony and the Microsoft, respectively, in the extremely competitive universe of video games.

Yes: Apple outperforms even sacred segment giants, such as Nintendo and Electronic Arts, in revenue. Following the Apple, in order, we have Activision, Google, Netease, AND THE, Nintendo and Bandai Namco composing the Top 10. Other famous names like Ubisoft and Konami, were among the top 35 companies in the industry, but out of the top ten.

Newzoo on video game market, 2018

Tencent’s dominance and the presence of so many companies focused on mobile devices shows that the golden goose of video games is, in fact, on smartphones and tablets. According to Newzoo, the segment generated 45% of gaming revenue throughout 2019, with global sales of $ 68.5 billion. The survey indicates that mobile gaming is expected to continue to grow for years to come, while the console gaming market will remain stable and PC games are likely to continue to shrink in revenue.

Yeah… times have changed, haven’t they?

via AppleInsider