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Apple is already testing biometrics logins on its website

One of the news that Apple introduced regarding its new operating systems is “Sign in with Apple”, a secure sign-in for websites and apps. And it looks like she's already starting to implement this on her own portal.

As reported by the 9to5Mac it's the MacRumors, the beta page of iCloud and the page of Apple IDfor example, they are already allowing biometric access either Face ID for recent iPhones and iPads Pro, or the classic Touch ID (including Macs).

ICloud Login with Biometrics

Of course, only anyone running one of the iOS / iPadOS 13 or macOS Catalina 10.15 betas can see the new access that is not only very secure, but also infinitely more practical because it does not require password entry.

For those who already use password managers today, such as the famous 1Password, and novelty may not seem like great things. But even for these, the native system skips a step at login.