Apple is accused of not respecting EU privacy standards

Apple is accused of not respecting EU privacy standards

Apple loves to put itself as the guardian of privacy among technology companies, but neither can it pass through the scrutiny of regulatory agencies and agencies responsible for enhancing consumer data protection. Suffice it to see that the company, along with some other technology giants, was recently accused by an Austrian group of failing to comply with the newly implemented EU privacy standards. The information is from Reuters.

The group noyb It is a nonprofit organization whose primary function is to oversee the privacy rules of the economic bloc and ensure that they are being enforced. In recent tests, they found that eight major technology companies among them, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Spotify and YouTube They are not offering satisfactory services that meet the needs of users or are in line with GDPR, the data security law implemented in the EU last May.

As we commented here, in response to a new law, Apple has updated its entire privacy page with a new tool that allows its users to download their own data contained on Apple's servers or to delete it completely, among other options, including the tool. It is also being released internationally and is now available for Brazilian Apple IDs. According to noyb, however, the functionality of the feature was not satisfactory.

According to the researchers, the eight companies cited did not respect any (or some) of GDPR's four main principles: having a specific and legal reason to process data, encrypting all user data, giving consumers the right to have a copy of your data and have it deleted at any time. No further details on the failures of the eight companies were specified.

The group filed the complaint in Austria and Apple did not comment on the case. We will be looking forward to new information and / or possible consequences for Ma and its competitors.

via AppleInsider