Apple invests $ 8.7 million in Oregon water reservoir

The golden goose from Apple may be in a difficult phase, but that does not eliminate the fact that Ma still has a cash reserve comparable to few companies in the world and can make millionaire investments in important points of its infrastructure. Recently, two new cases of this type have been revealed.


The first one, as reported by the Oregon Live, an investment of $ 8.7 million in building a underground water reservoir in the city of Prineville, Oregon (U.S). The project is being led by the city government and Apple's collaboration is linked to the fact that the company will benefit the most from its construction: two data centers of the company operate in the vicinity and need a lot, lots of water for cooling.

In fact Apple, by far, Prineville's largest water user is not an exact calculation, but it is estimated that Apple consumes about 10% of the 2.2 billion liters of water used by the city annually. S in 2016, one of data centers the company used about 102 million liters for cooling itself; at that time, the second installation was still under construction.

The reservoir will work by accumulating water in the coldest seasons and when the rivers in the vicinity are at their highest levels; in periods of drought or warmer, the accumulation will be used. He will serve Apple and the entire population of 10,000 people in Prineville, as reported by Ma’s vice president of environmental initiatives, Lisa Jackson; according to her, the idea "to increase the availability of clean and sustainable water while the community prepares for the impacts of climate change".


On the other side of the USA, Ma is also about to make another investment, a little more modest. As the Boston Globe, the company signed a letter of intent to secure the rental of an entire floor of 314 Main Street, a new office building being built in the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Cambridge is part of the Boston Metropolitan Region and is home to two of the most important institutions of higher education in the world, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. The building where Apple establishes presence, incidentally, is located right in the middle of the famous MIT. The works should be completed in early 2019.

314 Main Street, building where Apple opens offices in Cambridge (USA)Render 314 Main Street

It is not yet known if Apple has a specific project for the space or if it will simply relieve the other office that the company currently maintains in Boston, Ma rents about 1,000 square meters in another building in the MIT area, the One Broadway; It is possible that things are starting to get tight around there. The total floor area rented on 314 Main Street is unknown, however.

Last week, in announcing the $ 1 billion investment in a new Austin, Texas, campus, Apple said it would generate “hundreds” of new jobs in various US cities Boston included. Today's movement may be one of the first indications in this regard.

via Cult of Mac and AppleInsider