Apple invests $ 10 million in COVID-19 test kit maker

Apple invests $ 10 million in COVID-19 test kit maker

THE Apple has just announced that it will invest $ 10 million Advanced Manufacturing Fund (Advanced Manufacturing Fund) at COPAN Diagnostics, a manufacturer (leader in the American market) of kits for collection and testing of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19).

This generous amount will help COPAN to supply collection kits to hospitals in the United States, expanding the production of thousands of kits to more than 1 million units (per week) by the beginning of July.

As part of this effort, Apple will also support the expansion of COPAN to a new (larger) facility in Southern California, which will generate 50 new jobs.

Apple’s chief operating officer, Jeff Williams, commented the initiative:

We feel a deep sense of responsibility to do everything we can to help workers, doctors, patients and communities to support the global response to COVID-19. COPAN is one of the most innovative manufacturers in the world in sample collection kits for COVID-19 tests, and we are excited about this partnership so that they can expand as we work to solve this critical problem in our nation. I couldn’t be more proud of our teams for bringing all their energy, passion and innovative spirit to support the response to COVID-19 in the country.

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, announced the Advanced Manufacturing Fund about three years ago, which has been used to invest directly in some of the company’s suppliers, such as Corning (manufacturer of displays) and Finisar, manufacturer of the VCSEL laser, whose components are part of the Face ID TrueDepth system.

This new investment is just one of Apple’s actions in combating COVID-19; as we reported, the company has also donated 20 million masks to U.S. hospitals and is designing and distributing about 1 million face shields a week to professionals on the front lines of fighting the pandemic – in addition to other cash donations to institutions and countries .

Apple also developed a COVID-19 symptom checking website and application in partnership with CDC and announced a collaboration with Google to develop tracking technology to help governments and health agencies reduce the spread of the virus without compromising user privacy and security.