Apple investments benefited 450,000 US workers in 2018

Despite having much of its supply chain in China and other emerging countries, Apple is one of the technology giants with the most partners in its home country. Some iPhone components are made in the United States, and Ma was one of the only companies to risk setting up an entire computer in the country that decade, which turned out not to work, as we'll see next.

To celebrate this appreciation of the local workforce, Apple today issued a statement highlighting some important numbers and stories from US suppliers and workers. According to the company, only in 2018 were invested $ 60 billion 9,000 US supply partners (an increase of more than 10% over the previous year); this value reaches about 450,000 workers around the country.

Among Apple's main partners in its home country, we have the Finish, maker of a fundamental laser projection component for the TrueDepth camera of the latest iPhones; The Corning, producing the glasses that line the front and back of Ma's smartphones (and many other devices in the world); and yet the Broadcom, a Qorvo and the Skyworks, working on telecommunication pieces so that devices can connect with each other and with the planet.

In the statement, Apple also highlighted some personal stories, such as army veteran Michael Turner, who, at the age of 40, began working as a process technician at Finisar last June, as well as mentoring a youth training program. for the technological area. J Khan Qurashi was the first woman hired as an engineering equipment technician at the same factory and is still completing college while specializing there.

Not all flowers

Yes, everything is very beautiful, but the reality goes a little beyond that. A report published today by New York Times (Incidentally, Apple's came a little later, suggesting a possible "indirect response" to the newspaper. ") It showed why Apple and other US companies no longer do business with local partners. The example used to prove the theory was nothing less than a screw.

Explanation: When Apple announced back in 2012 that it would build a new Mac model (then the new Mac Pro) exclusively in the US, the company found itself facing problems of all kinds related to efficiency and cost from US suppliers. One of the most alarming points of the machine's manufacturing process was precisely its screws: Ma simply could not build prototypes and test versions because the company's screw supplier could only produce 1,000 parts per day, a number tens of times less than that. as required by Cupertino.

Dismount Mac Pro

Trying to solve the problem, Apple turned to another company, Caldwell Manufacturing, which could produce 28,000 screws a day although not exactly in the specification requested by Ma. The screws were delivered to Apple's Texas automaker in 22 trips; Some of these deliveries were made by Caldwell owner Stephen Melo himself in his private vehicle.

In the end, Apple was forced to turn to Chinese suppliers to get the proper amount of bolts in the required specifications, but by then Mac Pro production was behind schedule, and therefore the release of the computer was delayed by a few months.

China, of course, is the ultimate example of where you can get basically any piece you want in any amount in the shortest possible time: flexible medieval labor laws allow factories to go on continuous shifts 24 hours a day, workers take long journeys and earn tiny salaries, which enhances corporate profitability and the attractiveness of their businesses.

With the current US-China trade war, it is possible that Apple will bring more operations to your backyard, but based on the information brought here it is very, very difficult for Apple to leave the Wall Country as a whole in the near future.

via 9to5Mac

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