Apple investigates crackling on the speakers of the 16 ″ MacBooks Pro; learn how to fix the problem temporarily

Earlier today, we talked about the owners of 16-inch MacBook Pro who started to notice a strange problem in their new machines: a strange noise, similar to a snap, came out of the computer’s speakers after a song or sound was playing. Two new features regarding the problem have already emerged.

The first is that Apple is already investigating the issue and will resolve it in a future software update. It reached the hands of MacRumors an internal document, distributed to the company’s Authorized Service Centers, noting the following:

If a consumer hears a pop when sound playback is stopped on their MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019):

When using Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X, QuickTime Player, Music, Movies (sic) or another application to play audio, users can hear a pop from the speakers at the end of playback. Apple is investigating the problem and plans to fix it in a future software update. Do not offer service or change the user’s machine, as this is a software issue.

In other words, fortunately, the problem is not with any piece of hardware on the new machine – it is something that can be corrected via software, and we will be able to see a definitive solution to the crackling sounds very soon. Meanwhile…

A temporary solution

As noted by Cult of Mac (and also in the comments of our previous article on the case), you can fix the problem right now if you’re being affected. Basically, the crackling occurs due to a dissonance between the frequency of the audio emitted by the MacBook Pro and the frequency supported by its speakers.

Fortunately, this system frequency can be changed very simply. See below:

  1. Open the Finder folder Apps »Utilities;
  2. Open the app Audio and MIDI configuration;
  3. In the “Format” field, change the setting from 44,100 Hz to 48,000 Hz.
Setting the macOS audio frequency

Ready! The crackling should disappear immediately.

It is worth noting that, due to the way macOS works, its configuration can be reverted to the previous status after a few days or if the machine spends some time off; in that case, just repeat the steps above until she “remembers” the adjustment – or until Apple releases the software update that fixes the problem permanently.