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Apple investigated for “abuse of power” against suppliers in Japan

The Fair Trade Commission of Japan (equivalent Fair trade commission is investigating Apple's activities in the country to determine whether Apple has pressured Japanese suppliers and abused its power position to violate anti-competitive rules, as reported by Reuters.

Specifically, the commission is looking into whether Apple has "forced" these suppliers to sign technology and product manufacturing information for their products for free.

The situation came to light when one of these companies accused Apple of patent infringement and demanded a review of the contract when Ma allegedly threatened to terminate its business relationship with Apple.

No further details on the case are known, as neither (Apple and Commission) commented on the investigation.

On the other hand, this is just one of several investigations that were launched on Ma last year in the country, many involving anticompetitive practices; In 2018, for example, the Cupertino giant was investigated for helping Japanese carriers sell iPhones at lower prices to make their mobile plans more expensive.

Meanwhile, in the US, the Federal Trade Commission is verifying the impact of the Apple-Amazon sales agreement on independent resellers as this partnership has monopolized sales of gadgets on the shopping site.