Apple integrates online store with the rest of its website [atualizado]

Apple integrates online store with the rest of its website [atualizado]

Apple has just made a significant change to its entire website, including the Brazilian one. The main news is that we no longer have a separate; the company's online store is fully integrated with the rest of the site.

The main menu lost the item "Store" and won a cone on the right focused on the store, with the user's shopping bag and the possibility to log in to his account:

Apple integrated store website

Note that the menu is well spaced now, opening the possibility for something new to enter in the middle, in the future.

THE search The site has also been slightly redesigned and is centralized when it is active:

Apple integrated store website

At the top of the product pages, the different lines gained designs flat:

Apple integrated store website

When accessing a certain product, the buy button is highlighted in the upper right corner:

Apple integrated store website

And the purchase process happens there in the same in a separate store environment:

Apple integrated store website

The URLs of the site as a whole have also become simpler. When you are actually buying something, browse, and everything seems to have become faster.

THE TechCrunch obtained a statement via an Apple spokesperson:

We redesigned knowing that our customers want to explore, research and buy in one place. The new takes the best from our existing website and online store to give consumers a simple destination to learn and buy without having to navigate between two different websites. We have also enhanced several features on the site to make shopping easier for our customers than ever before.

Change is another responsibility of Angela Ahrendts, current head of all Ma's physical and online stores.

Update · 08/10/2015 s 19:30

Apple published a page announcing the change:

Dear online customers,

We made a series of updates on, combining the shopping area with information about the products, creating a more practical website for everyone. It is much easier to know and buy our latest products. Now you can make a purchase from anywhere on, right down to the page where you are learning more about the product. For simplicity, accessories are now bundled with their respective product families. We also combine search features to make it easier to find products, accessories and support. We think these changes will greatly improve the way you learn and shop on

Thank you,


Apple certainly believes this will increase its sales, but for now there are a lot of people confused by the change. Time dir.