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Apple informs that AirPods will delay and does not give new deadline to start selling the product

If you were eager to get your hands on Apple’s new wireless headphones, AirPods, here goes a bucket of cold water: the company reported today that the product is not yet ready and that it needs more time to finish it before starting to market them.

Here is the company's official statement given to TechCrunch:

The response to AirPods has been incredible. We do not believe in delivering a product before it is ready and we need a little more time until AirPods are ready for our customers.

No new deadlines (the original was “end of October”) have been given by the company, so far.

What happened? It is impossible to say for sure. However, Matthew Panzarino (editor of TechCrunch) is testing the headphones and stated that his experience with the product is being very positive, but that he has some problems which can cause some frustration he did not want to go into details, after all, it is not a final version made available widely for the public. Who knows, maybe that's exactly what Apple is looking to fix before putting AirPods on the market.

Delaying a product that was presented more than a month ago and which is awaited by many users is quite bad. However, it would be much worse to put something unfinished on the market. It is still a correct and courageous attitude to step on the brake and only make AirPods available when everything is 100%.