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Apple indicates it will continue with the OS X Beta Program

In an email sent today to all members of the OS X Beta Program, Apple said Yosemite is the best version ever created of the operating system “thanks to you”.

Anyone who wants to can leave the testing program at any time, but the interesting thing is that Apple is making it clear that it will continue going forward probably for both minor versions (like an OS X 10.10.1 of life) and major versions (like a future OS X 10.11, OS X 11, OS XI, etc.).

OS X Beta Program Message

But there is a very important phrase in the email: "Please install the OS X Yosemite release version."

Those who were testing the system's betas noticed that the final version did not appear as an update on the Mac App Store. As the difference between the builds is very small (14A388b to 14A389), many assumed that it would not be necessary to install it over the top. But, from what Apple is saying, it seems like a good idea. Another possibility is to wait for the first update of the system to come out, see if it will be made available to those who are in Beta 6 and, with that, leave everything equal.