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Apple increases the maximum application size to 4GB; TestFlight now has groups

Two great news for developers!

iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite for developers

The first one is related to the maximum size of an application. Until then, the limit on the App Store was 2GB, but today Apple has doubled to 4GB. However, always remember that the size limit for downloading an application via the cellular network (3G / 4G) remains the same, only 100MB.

The other new feature is the TestFlight groups. With them, it is much simpler and easier to manage your base of ‚Äútesters‚ÄĚ. Just organize everyone into groups to quickly send compilations (builds) app-specific, different instructions (certain areas of focus, for example) and apply one action to several ‚Äútesters‚ÄĚ at once.

Good development!