Apple ID data download tool reaches more countries

A few months ago, Apple began offering new options to users who wanted to export or correct data from their respective Apple accounts, temporarily disable them or even permanently delete them all in one handy and easy-to-use tool included with Apple. page “Data and Privacy” from the company.

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The move was not exactly free, but a way for Ma to comply with new European Union rules, which require user data companies to offer resources to consumers to easily export and / or delete data at any time. Therefore, initially, the Ma tool was launched only in EU countries; now it is beginning to expand.

From now on, users of U.S, of Canada, gives Australia and from New zealand They will also have access to the new privacy control tools. If you are a resident of any of these countries, the process is very simple: just log in to this page with your Apple ID and browse the options offered to Ma promises to fulfill all requests within seven business days, depending on the amount of information requested.

To keep up with the expansion (and the launch of the company's new products and systems, with a number of new security features), Apple has also updated its Web site. Privacy listing several of the news recently brought to ensure the protection of users' identity and data.

We've got you talking about end-to-end encryption. FaceTime, differential privacy, and the new developer guidelines for App store; new features like the Screen Timeare highlighted as simple ways to control how you and your children use company devices. Even the Apple music was quoted (according to Ma, the service adds as friends only the contacts you select, not your entire calendar).

Apple's new privacy page

Apple also took the opportunity to talk about its biometric authentication tools, the Face ID it's the Touch IDas well as remembering that all the company's artificial intelligence infrastructure is based on coprocessors included in the devices themselves ie no information needs to be sent to Apple servers to be interpreted; Everything happens locally, safely and impenetrably.

In the end, Apple takes yet another step in building this positive image that the company (overall) has about user privacy. If in practice things are beautiful that way, of course, another story as always, it is good that we exercise our critical sense and do not go out depositing all our data in a gigantic company on a dollar trail. Right?

via TechCrunch