Apple I still in operation will be auctioned with estimated price of $ 320,000 [atualizado]

Apple I still in operation will be auctioned with estimated price of $ 320,000 [atualizado]

Anyone who loves Apple's history and has read or seen something about knows the great effort that went into creating the company's first computer, the Apple I. Launched in 1976 for $ 666.66, only 200 units were produced, and for that reason and the story itself, it became a rare piece, a collector's item.

For now one of these units will be auctioned off. This circumstance is not unique; others Apple I have already been auctioned for very high values. However, the difference according to what the The Telegraph that this model would be the best preserved on the market. Probably to sell his fish, one of the representatives of Team Breker (responsible for the auction) explained:

According to the Apple I record, compiled by Mike Willegal, there are only 60 existing units and only 8 in operation! This model has the serial number 01-0073 and appears as the fourteenth in the register.

He had only one owner (an American engineer from Berkeley, California) and, in addition to the fully functioning computer, who bought it also brought original manual and receipt (both from the motherboard and cassette hardware), which are dated. November 30, 1967. Along with the package is an original customer support letter refusing to upgrade the machine to an Apple II.

The auction will take place in Cologne, Germany, on May 20. The estimated value of the computer is between $ 190 and $ 320,000.

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Update by Rafael Fischmann 5/21/2017 s 09:34

As predicted, the auction took place yesterday and had a winner a German engineer who collects old computers. However, the value of the finish ended up below expectations: around $ 130K.

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