Apple I in perfect condition is for sale for $ 7 million

We already talked about several units of the Apple I auctioned off for unimaginable amounts in recent years: $ 130,000, $ 365,000, $ 600,000, 330,000 the numbers go up, but none of them even come close to what we'll see next.

A copy of Ma's original 1976 computer, in perfect condition and with a custom wood finish, appeared for sale on eBay. The price? $ 1,750,000, or approximately $ 7 million. But calm, calm: the seller is also accepting smaller offers on the sales page, so you can save a few bucks.

EBay's product description describes it as an “extremely rare item personally built by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak,” noting that it is fully functional and that collectors / museums / enthusiasts have been waiting for the sale of the piece for years. The wooden carcass, also from 1976, originally from Byte Shop is the famous store that was Ma's first official reseller in Mountain View, California (USA) and one of six remaining in the world.

The Apple I still comes with its original NTI card without any modifications, and the package also includes a Sony TV-115 monitor (the model recommended by Jobs at the time) and the appropriate video modulator. We also have, of course, an original item certificate issued by Achim Baque, the official curator of the Apple I Registry virtual museum (the machine sold here is number 79 in the site database).

Let's, of course, follow this story to see what value the item will sell for in the end. Any in order to bid?

via 9to5Mac