Apple honors Korean police for seizing counterfeit goods

In a recent (and, say, rare), Apple paid tribute to Korean police for seizing thousands of counterfeit accessories (between cables and headphones) estimated at 1 billet (about R $ 3.3 million) with a thank you card, as informed by the Korea Herald.

To honor the Korean institution, the regional director of Apple's operations in Asia-Pacific, Donald Shruhan, visited the Bucheon police station last Friday (11/1) in order to hand the plaque of thanks to the investigators who discovered the smuggling of Ma's counterfeit products in South Korea.

Such products were reportedly shipped from China. However, the police are still tracking the routes used by criminals to enter South Korea. In the meantime, detained distributors are being investigated for fraud and trademark infringement, according to the newspaper.

This is not the first case of counterfeit Apple products originating in China; almost a year ago, we commented on a trial involving the sale of counterfeit products by the company in the United States. In China, even, the local authorities closed, in 2015, a factory that assembled thousands of iGadgets false.

Anyone who thinks that buying from reputable sites, such as Amazon, is guaranteed to receive a legitimate product, is also mistaken. Apple researched and found that more than 90% (!) Of "original" chargers sold on the site were counterfeit. Amazon then created a trademark registration program and later partnered with Apple to become an authorized reseller of Ma.

via MacRumors

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