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Apple hires Tesla engineer specializing in interior design; advertising and health professionals leave

Another week, another series of meetings and farewells at Apple and, once again, related to some of the areas that have boiled in Cupertino, such as automotive development and health. Let's take a look at them.

Steve MacManus

The arrival of the day as reported by MacRumors in Steve MacManus, automotive engineer who was at recently at Tesla He has also been to Jaguar / Land Rover, Bentley and Aston Martin, an enviable resume.

Steve MacManusSteve MacManus (left)

There is no more information about the role MacManus holds at Apple (his LinkedIn page only states that he is a “senior director” at the company), but his story gives some clues: the automotive interior design expert, which could mean It is a return of Apple's interest in building its own vehicle.

Obviously, this is not the only option: MacManus can bring its in-car expertise to help create an autonomous system that integrates better with each vehicle's internal features. It can also play a role in a totally different area. The rags about the "Titan Project" are still very thick, and we will still have to wait a few years to hear some official word about it. Well, at least things are going.

Arnau Bosch Vergs

The main exit this time is not actually from Apple, but it's a very influential name within the company: we're talking about Arnau Bosch Vergs, creative director of TBWA Media Arts Lab (Ma's partner advertising agency) and co-creator of some of the most iconic campaigns for the company in recent times. The information is from The drum.

Arnau Bosch Vergs

Bosch Vergs was, for example, one of the names behind HomePod's multi-award winning commercial “Welcome HomeDirected by Spike Jonze and starring FKA Twigs. He arrived at TBWA Media Arts Lab in 2015, winning his current position in 2018, and is now leaving the agency to work at SoundStorming, an startup focused on a social media platform for musicians.

With the arrival of Nick Law, Ma is likely to have no major problems with her advertising leadership. Still, the loss of a great creative mind is always felt, and we'll see in the coming months if Apple's communication is impacted by Vergs' exit.

Health Professionals

Finally, one more exit in fact, not one exit, but several: the insurance giant Anthem cleaned and hired several professionals from health Ma, between veterans and recent hires.

According to the CNBCAnthem is trying to give a new face to its end-consumer products, with user-friendly interfaces and simpler operation; Apple professionals would already have this knowledge in their own DNA, which would explain the wave of hires the first time Anthem hires Ma employees. Aneesh Kumar, started his career in Cupertino in the 1990s.

Among the top names recently hired by Anthem are the machine learning researcher Stefanos Giampanis and the health area veteran Toni Trujillo Vian, who was at Apple for 24 years. The insurance giant also hired Ted Goldstein, who was vice president at Ma between 2002 and 2007, and a number of other leading professionals.

Among the many acquisitions and hires made in Apple's health care area in recent times, Anthem's casualties may pose a barrier to the company's ambitions. Or not only time will tell.