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Apple hires several employees of the former / bankrupt Omnifone [atualizado]

THE Apple is doing everything to take the lead in the race streaming musical. In addition to exclusive artists, she has also been investing in talent to contribute to the good work she already does.

This time, the TechCrunch brought the news that Ma would have hired several employees of Omnifone, an independent cloud music company that provided service to mobile operators, but ended up in bankruptcy in May 2016. The initial rumor was that Apple would have bought the company itself, but this possibility was soon dismissed.

In fact, there was speculation that Apple "bought" or "probably acquired" a portion of Omnifone in July of this year, after a document attested that the company would have found a buyer for $ 10 million. The rumor at the time was that that buyer was Apple. These acquisition reports, however, were quickly discredited.

A month later, it seems that at least part of it was true.

Omnifone has had several partners such as Samsung, LG, Vodafone, BlackBerry, Sony and more. She contributed a lot to the music service Samsung Milk Music and also collaborated with PonoMusic.

As can be seen in at least 16 profiles of former Omnifone employees on LinkedIn, they are mostly working at Apple as software engineers. Looking at it from the perspective of experience, it is certain that they will be able to contribute a lot to both iTunes and Apple Music.

Update · 11/08/2016 s 13:00

Ricky Bloomfield

Still talking about hiring, but running away from a more noble subject, Apple brought the doctor to the company Ricky Bloomfield, as confirmed by MobiHealthNews. Bloomfield was one of the first to implement HealthKit and ResearchKit while working as director of mobile strategies at Duke University hospital. He was also responsible for creating the Autism Beyond, who used ResearchKit to find out how autism starts in childhood. Without a doubt, it adds a lot to Apple's health initiatives.

And while many are joining Ma's team, others are jumping off the boat. This is because three employees who worked with software and / or hardware at Apple left the company and are now in giant automotive companies, according to the The Verge.

Sarah OBrien joined the Tesla Motors team as director of communications; Colin Smith and Michaela Johndrow are now working at Ford. The news is, of course, peculiar if we take into account that many hires of former employees of these companies were made by Apple; but, with the recent rumor that Apple would have fired several employees of Project Titan and restarted the intent of the supposed “Apple Car”, it may be natural to see the opposite happen.