Apple Hires Qualcomm Chip Specialist and Executive Editor for New York Magazine

There are people moving to Cupertino, it remains to be seen whether to work on the newest “spaceship” that landed there or if on some other campus / building of the company spread across the Silicon Valley.

Leaving the fight between Apple and Qualcomm from the side or not, since the hiring may even have some connection with it, Ma hired Esin Terzioglu; the discovery was made by Counterpoint's Neil Shah.

After an amazing ~ 8 years at Qualcomm, it's time for me to move on to my next adventure. It was an honor and privilege to have worked with so many talented and dedicated individuals at Qualcomm, where we accomplished great things as a team (the 10nm achievement was incredible and the team did a sensational job bringing the first product to the market !!!).

I feel privileged for the opportunity to continue my career at Apple.

Terzioglu was vice president of engineering at Qualcomm and now the leader of wireless SoCs at Apple. With a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (with minor in Computer Science) by Stanford University, we are undoubtedly talking about a huge loss for Qualcomm and a move beyond Apple's interest, which is increasingly moving towards sustainable chip development (whether for computational processing we are currently on the A10 Fusion graphics and now wireless connectivity).

Esin Terzioglu and Lauren KernEsin Terzioglu and Lauren Kern

Another big name that is now in Cupertino is that of Lauren Kern, former executive editor of New York Magazine now editor in chief of Apple News, as reported by the Political.

The hiring was confirmed by Ma's press office; her context is what Kern will do exactly and what are the plans for the Apple news aggregator, which still needs to gain a global reach to become relevant (two years after the launch of Apple News, the feature is only available in Australia, in the United States and the United Kingdom), but were not commented on.

via AppleInsider, MacRumors