Apple hires Oscar-winning studio to produce films for its video service

Apple hires Oscar-winning studio to produce films for its video service

It is already possible to see 2019 almost around the corner and, with it, the future news from Apple. If you are following the company's video service saga, baptized by us as “Apple Studios”, then you should remember that Ma has already postponed, at least twice, the launch of its first series, but the forecast is still that the service (and the content) will be launched in the first half of next year.

Billy Crudup and Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Billy Crudup and Gugu Mbatha-Raw

After adding Oscar-nominated actor Steve Carell to the cast of the show that stars Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, Apple hired the actor Billy Crudup and the British actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw for the series that focuses on the lives of morning newspaper presenters, as reported by Variety.

Mbatha-Raw, known by the papis in "Black Mirror", "A Fold in Time" and "The Cloverfield Paradox", playing Hannah Shoenfeld, an intelligent and charming presenter of the morning news that the series will follow. Crudup, in turn, participated in films such as "Alien: Covenant" and "Liga da Justia", and act as Cory Ellison, president of the news division of the media company.

The series based on the book "Top of the Morning"written by the American journalist Brian Stelter, which explores the life and drama of the presenters who star in talk shows morning.

Partnership with A24

Apple hired the film studio A24, Oscar winner with the film "Moonlight: Under the Moonlight", to produce a vast number of films for the company, as disclosed by Variety.

Movie - Moonlight - Under the Moonlight

Ma did not provide many details about the agreement with the A24, but informed that it is a “multi-year contract that involves several films”. Furthermore, it is not clear whether these films will be released in theaters or if they will debut only on Apple's digital platform, but the second option is much more likely.

Despite the new partnership with Ma, the stadium should continue with its external work, such as the production of original films and agreements with other companies, such as DirecTV and Amazon. DirecTV currently receives the rights to offer the films produced by the A24 a month before they are released in theaters in the USA, which are shown on the television service. streaming from Amazon as soon as they leave the poster.

The amount invested in the partnership was also not disclosed, but it must have been quite significant. What do you think?

Star salary

In addition to investing a billion dollars in the production of original series and films, Apple is also paying some of the industry's highest wages, according to data from TV and film stars released by Variety.

In the case of the series in which Aniston and Witherspoon will star, we comment that Ma will pay about $ 1.2 million to actresses per episode more than the amount received by the stars of the series "The Walking Dead".

In addition to the two, actor Steve Carell, who will act as a supporting character in the same series, should also pocket a trifle from Apple: if he participates in all episodes, the actor could win around $ 12 million in the two seasons already ordered by the company!

These are not the only big players in the talent pool recruited by Apple; the company also hired the former actor of "Game of Thrones" current protagonist of the film “Aquaman”, Jason Momoa, in addition to the "Breaking Bad" Aaron Paul who should also receive very well for their participation.

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