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Apple hires lobbyist near Trump and podcaster at National Geographic

Week goes, week comes, and the agenda hires Apple is still busy. In recent days, Ma has attracted to its land two professionals from very different areas: a lobbyist allied with Donald Trump and a producer of podcasts coming from National Geographic. Let's take a look at what's new, therefore.

Jeffrey Miller

The first recent contract, as reported by the CNBC, was to Jeffrey MillerAs an allied (and closely tied) lobbyist to the president of the United States, he served as vice president of finance for Trump's inaugural committee and became one of the biggest contributors to his fundraising.

Miller is already registered as an authorized Ma lobbyist, to do his job in Washington it is worth remembering that in the US (unlike Brazil and much of the world), the practice of lobbying is regulated and does not have the negative connotation here. The hiring, even, not only of Miller, but of his entire team of subordinates.

According to the registration document uncovered by the report, Miller and his team will defend Apple's interests at the US Congress by focusing on "trade issues and their relations with technological goods and services."

In other words, even though it is not explicit in the document, it is not difficult to realize that the lobbyist's hiring is all about chinese trade war: Apple certainly wants to put a strong voice in Congress to convince lawmakers (and Trump's own class) to cool their promised taxes soon and avoid future decisions that hurt Ma.

There is no information about Apple's money spent on hiring, but it is known that, among the technology giants, Apple is one of the least spending on lobbying The question remains whether this relative discretion will continue with the arrival of Miller and his class.

Emily Ochsenschlager

The second recent contract was Emily Ochsenschlager, a podcast executive who spent the last year overseeing program creation at National Geographic and previously spent 15 years at NPR (US National Public Radio) as a producer and publisher.

The information is not yet official, but according to the website Inside PodcastingIt's the "first of many" hiring that Apple will perform in the area in the coming weeks. The reason could not be otherwise: As already reported, Ma is looking for talent to launch a platform of original podcasts, further strengthening its catalog of services and broadening competition with the Spotify, who entered the area recently.

It is not yet known what specific role Ochsenschlager will play at Apple and we, of course, will have to wait to see where this "hiring wave" will go.

via Apple World Today, 9to5Mac