After being dispensed by Apple and losing 70% of its value, Imagination Technologies is for sale.

Apple hires graphics card experts, former record label vice president and artificial intelligence researcher

In the distant past, in 2008, the Apple acquired shares of Imagination Technologies, a company specialized in graphics chips. The partnership of the two companies has a long history due to the use of the GPU series PowerVR in iDevices.

Imagination Technologies logo

At the beginning of this year, there were some rumors about the possible purchase of the company by Apple, which ended up not becoming reality. However, several profiles of former Imagination employees on LinkedIn show that 25 of them are now working for Ma.

Among the names that appear on the list are former Imagination chief operating officer John Metcalfe; former senior design manager Dave Roberts; former vice president of hardware engineering, Johnathan Redshaw; and senior manager of software engineering who worked for 17 years at the company, Benjamin Bowman.

Former COO, Metcalfe, now senior director at Apple. J Roberts participates as an engineering manager in the GPU group used in iGadgets, while Bowman works as a GPU architect. Redshaw is now a director at Apple, but it is not possible to know the specific area where he is.

Rumors of the beginning of the year were contradicted by Apple itself, which said it had no interest in buying the company. Okay, maybe I really don't. But that does not mean that the intention to develop their own GPUs does not exist; after all, they did not acquire the company but hired most of those who were there.

Other hires

In addition to hiring names who worked in the manufacture of the internal components of iDevices, Apple is strengthening teams in two very important areas: Apple Music it's from artificial intelligence.


In the service team streaming of Ma, the newly hired Scott Seviour, former senior vice president of Epic Records. In his old position, he worked with A&R (artists and repertoire), that is, he looked for new talents to sign and prepared them to work in the label.

At Apple, Seviour will be responsible for the original content of the music platform, which many consider to be an initiative that reveals the real intention of transforming Apple Music into a record label, no matter how much the service's headline demines. With Seviour's background, he certainly contributed a lot to get more exclusive artists.

The artificial intelligence team also won a new recruit: Russ Salakhutdinov, researcher and professor at Carnegie Mellon University. The news was released by the professor himself, with a very interesting invitation:

Excited to join Apple as director of AI research, in addition to continuing to work at CMU. Apply to work on my team:

Technology giants like Microsoft, Amazon and Google are increasingly improving their assistants, but as Walt Mossberg rightly pointed out, Apple has lagged far behind. Maybe that's why, the company moved a little and hired a teacher with enough potential and experience to improve his assistant or develop another service that uses AI.

There is no doubt that big contracts like these will add up and that they will play a key role in the improvements that Apple wants to bring to its products.

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