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Apple hires Google deepfake engineer and virtual reality expert

One more week, and we're back with another batch of meetings and farewells in Cupertino this time, more precisely, the meetings. Let's take a look at them.

Ian Goodfellow

Ian Goodfellow

The first of Apple's hired professionals Ian Goodfellow, a machine learning expert who has been to Google. Goodfellow arrived in March and has already highlighted the change in his LinkedIn profile, as noted by CNBC.

At Google, the professional worked on creating Adverse Generative Networks (Generative Adversarial Networks, or GANs), technologies in which roughly neural networks of artificial intelligence are "put to interact" with the goal of creating creative content, such as the infamous deepfakes.

At Apple, Goodfellow works as a machine learning director in the so-called Special Projects Division, the one that develops Ma's still-unveiled products and services. It is well known that Cupertino's interest in artificial intelligence technologies is growing and we will be able to see news from the area in the not too distant future.

Arthur van Hoff

The other talent that has recently come to Cupertino, as reported by Variety, was Arthur van Hoff, co-founder and former CTO (Chief Technical Officer) gives startup virtual reality Jaunt. According to his LinkedIn profile, he started working at Ma this month.

Arthur van Hoff

As usual, there is no information about the role the engineer will play at Apple, but his duties at Jaunt give him an idea: there he led the development of a virtual reality camera as well as a content creation and distribution platform. VR. THE startup has Disney as one of its main investors ie we are not talking about anyone, no.

Rumors of possible Apple Glasses may have cooled in recent months, but that does not mean that they are dead. Such a hiring may indicate that Apple is still interested in this type of device. To be?

via The Loop, Apple World Today