Apple Hires Former Pay TV Executive to Care for Cloud Services

Apple Hires Former Pay TV Executive to Care for Cloud Services

It's been a long time since rumors began to emerge that Apple was going beyond its set-top box, a Apple TV, effectively entering the service of streaming video or even creating a TV itself.

Even though the rumors about a service streaming video have been denied by Eddy Cue himself, we cannot turn a blind eye to the programs that Ma has produced for Apple Music. One of these, “Planet of the Apps”, is already in an advanced stage, with great artists on their list of names.

According to the Wall Street Journal, a step that can contribute to these advances was taken by Apple, which has just hired Peter Stern former executive of a United States subscription TV service, the Time Warner Cable. The executive, who worked as a strategy and corporate development senior, left the company shortly after it was bought by rival, Charter Communications Inc. One of his last missions there was to implement improvements in customer service and raise more subscriptions. His vast knowledge also includes a doctorate in law at Yale and a degree in English and music at Harvard.

Peter Stern hiringPeter Stern as a speaker at the WICT Leaders Conference in 2011

At Apple, Stern responds to Cue and is in charge of cloud services, more specifically iTunes, iCloud and Apple Music. He could also contribute a lot to the development of Apple TV, being one of the few people in the pay-TV industry who advocated that providers stop providing their own devices and use only their applications in set-top boxes existing on the market.

In an interview, Cue has already demonstrated Ma's disregard for pay TV services, claiming to be behind the technology. Therefore, it is possible that this new addition can contribute a lot to the company's projects, either to improve what already exists or to bring new products / services to us, consumers.

(via 9to5Mac)