Cupertino comings and goings: Apple hires iOS security specialist, while two names leave the company

Apple hires Amazon security executive

The day Apple finds itself in court with the FBI is coming (tomorrow, March 22), but the company remains firm and strong in its intention to preserve its safety and that of its users.

According to a story published by Reuters (via Fortune), Apple would now have appointed a vice president for information security. The chosen one was George Stathakopoulos, who has extensive experience in this area for having held the same position for almost six years at Amazon and, prior to that, also having worked for more than eight years at Microsoft as general manager in product security.

While in that position, Stathakopoulos responded to Luca Maestri, director of finance (chief financial officer, or CFO), dealing directly with the protection of corporate assets, that is, confidential software, products and designs, in addition to helping to protect user information.

Although the company has not confirmed the contract, the Reuters reports that a call was made to Apple's call center and, when asking for Stathakopoulos, the person was transferred to “George's office”. And, according to that same source, he would have been working in Cupertino for about a week.

In view of Amazon's great reputation for security, the addition of Stathakopoulos to Ma's team appears to have been a great move.