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Apple hired Intel 5G modem chief before Qualcomm deal

After the infamous deal between Apple and Qualcomm, signed two weeks ago, the relationship between the Cupertino giant and Intel (predictably) changed course. Despite the partnership, some trade agreements and manufacturer designs have been changed and even canceled.

Although many changes occurred after the technology giants' peace agreement was announced, some plans between Ma and Intel had been marinating for some time. In one case, Apple hired Intel's top 5G developer weeks before realigning with Qualcomm, The Telegraph.

According to the report, a leaked Intel email explained that Umashankar Thyagarajan was hired by Ma last February; In Cupertino, the engineer joined the chip architecture team at Ma, as described in his LinkedIn profile. In the leaked email, Intel executives Messay Amerga and Abhay Joshi explained that the engineer played a key role in the development of chips deployed on iPhones XS, XS Max and XR.

Thyagarajan worked at Intel for more than seven years and for the past three has served as the company's “senior director” of chip engineering, including the “XMM 8160” 5G modem project for future iPhones. The departure of the Intel engineer was even one of the major reasons for Intel to "reshape" (or rather cancel) the development of its 5G technology.

While bad for Intel, Apple's hiring of Thyagarajan will certainly contribute to Apple's chip development. As we have reported, the company has devoted a great deal of work in manufacturing its own modems, although for now the next iPhones chips are. Qualcomm's responsibility (at least from 2020).

via 9to5Mac