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Apple Highlights WWDC19 Student-Created Apps

Every year Apple offers scholarships for Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). There are hundreds of vacancies that the company distributes to students, paying not only the ticket price, but also the ticket and the stay.

WWDC19 Student Apps

As a way of recognition, Apple today has highlighted several of these creations that have been awarded a scholarship for the WWDC19. Check it out below:

WWDC19 Scholarships reward talented students and members of STEM organizations with the opportunity to attend the Apple World Developers Conference.

This year, the winners are from over 20 countries. Here's a selection with the 2019 Fellows and their apps.

Australia: William Taylor, Daniel SykesTurner, Will Bishop and Zachary Simone.

Diary - Homework Management app icon

Brass Notes app icon!

Nano for Reddit app icon

austria: Klmemens Strasser and Lukas Gauster.

Subwords app icon

Bouncy Ball app icon - Free addictive physics game

Brazil: Rodolfo Roca, Fernanda Castro, Lucas Fernandez Nicolau, Lucas Rebelato, Pietro Pepe, Arthur Braga, Bruno Wide, Carlos Rafael Hasselmann Forbeck, Victor Kreniski, Wellington Chaves, Italo Boss, Max Zorzetti, Matheus Venturelli, Guilherme Colombini, Atila Rocha da Costa Silva, Geovanni Oliveira de Jesus, Rafael Arajo, Renan Magagnin da Silva, Eldade Marcelino, Hugo Lispector, Caio Gomes, Victor Pineles, Michael Barney, Gabriel Sousa and Victor Vasconcelos.

Plot Twist Movies app icon

StudyOrganizer app icon

Booiacu app icon

Blow-up Visualizer app icon

Atuner - Guitar Tuner app icon

Reef To-do app icon

Vector Race app icon

Chicken Sneakers app icon

Betcha! App icon

Wheel of Movies app icon

Juke Fiesta app icon

Life Explorer app icon

Savannah app icon

VRJumper app icon

Vroid Invaders app icon

The Story of Fay app icon

FotoFun app icon

Aster app icon

Canada: Avery Vine, Santos Gagbegnon, Alexander Ivanov, Ayden Panhuyzen, and Aiden Olfert.

Two Buttons app icon

ARMusic app icon

PowerSpeech app icon

China: Hengyu Zhou, Zihan Li, Yongkang Chen, Weiqi Yu, Shifei Xiao and Jiaxing Yu

DrinkCare app icon

App icon · - Simple Reader

BirthReminder app icon

Card Memory app icon

App Icon -

in Jiaxing Yu

IPad compatibleIPhones Compatible

Version 1.0.1 (14.8 MB) Requires the iOS 11.0 or superior

France: Sylvain Guillier.

ElsassPark - Strasbourg & CUS app icon

GermanyMax Hrtwig, Alexander Heinrich, Johannes Raufeisen, Stefan Liesendahl, Noah Peeters, Niklas Blow, Jan-Niklas Freundt, Susanne VolkAugustin and Marius Montebaur.

Learnbox app icon - cards & vocabulary

Lyd - Watch Remote for Sonos app icon

Blob.IT app icon

ChatLock app icon

FidSpeed ​​app icon - Measure and share your speed

Hyze app icon

Brain Training app icon

Yttrium app icon

Hong Kong: Yu Ho Kwok, Pan Weiheng and Julian Schiav.

Ortho - Perspective Camera app icon

ClusterCards 2: Card Scanner app icon

Hungary: Roland Horvth.

Try Not to Smile app icon

India: Neel Makhecha, Ashwat Prasanna, Swapnanil Dhol, Mehul Mohan and Rishav Kumar.

ZERO mod app icon

Quickvert app icon - The conversion app

AeroNautical app icon: METAR, NOTAMs

Codedamn app icon

SnapMate app icon | Pro Photo Editor

Italy: Lucio Botteri, Andrea Bello and Salvatore Boemia.

Possible Music app icon

Tap the Point app icon

MGS Codec app icon

Kazakhstan: Robert Kim.

KNBN app icon - personal Kanban board

South Korea: Jaesung Lee and Minhyuk Kim.

App Icon 1


in Jaesung Lee

Version 1.0 (3.8 MB) Requires the iOS 10.0 or superior

Let's Doo app icon

Norway: Eskil Gjerde Sviggum.

Poland: Piotr Jeremicz.

Zaraz Jad app icon

Russia: Yakov Manshin, Kirill Averianov and Filipp Zakharchenko.

Space Photos: Explore Universe app icon

Monica English app icon

Saudi Arabia: Mohamed Salah.

Flash app icon: New Addictive Game

south africa: Brandon Kynoch.

Sector app icon.

Spain: Guillermo Cique Fernndez.

Nowsfeed app icon

Sweden: Oscar Fridh.

United Kingdom: Alexander MacLeod and Matthew Spear.

Countin 'app icon

United States: Ivan Chau, Nathan Sesti, Alex Paul, Raj Lunia, Tristan Brankovic, Brayden Gogis, Kinan Alsheikh, Luciano Gucciardo, Grayson Martin, Liam Rosenfeld, Matt Moss, Aarnay Ram, James Randolph, Ryan O'Connor, Santiago Gonzalez , Samuel Miserendino, Anand Chandra, Reade Plunkett, Yongyang Nie, Ariana Isabel Sokolov, Hengyu Liu, Ryan Anderson, Kevin Zhou, Marco Burstein, Carson Katri, Zachary Knox, Grant Emerson, Michael Ginn, Matthew Krager, Nicholas Grana and Sidney Hough.

GradeCheck Montgomery app icon

Glome app icon - Social, GPS Based AR

MilesOfReadn app icon

Doodle Drop app icon!

That One app icon

The Company Game app icon

Arrow Block app icon!

DomiPad app icon

Cool Ascii Faces app icon

Image icon ASCII Art app icon

Hawkeye app icon - User Testing

Math 4 Tots app icon

Basketball Keeper app icon

Chat Survival Kit app icon

Date & Time Widget app icon

Questlin app icon

Hz intonation app icon

Rong app icon

Visionary app icon - Image Analysis

Trill Project app icon

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Congratulations to all! 😀