Apple Highlights Reduced Material Extraction in New Environmental Responsibility Report

Apple Highlights Reduced Material Extraction in New Environmental Responsibility Report

This morning we report that Apple has expanded its iPhone recycling program in the United States. In addition, the company disclosed its Environmental Responsibility Report 2019 (PDF) for fiscal year 2018, in addition to updating its Environment page.

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As usual, Ma highlighted the use of recycled and even less polluting materials, as well as the construction of energy-efficient devices. In addition, the Cupertino giant emphasized its concern about climate change and the use of renewable energy. Among Ma's key results, the company has managed to reduce its carbon footprint by 35% over the past three years and reduce its use of extraction materials, among others.

In a letter published with the report, Apple's Vice President of Environmental, Political and Social Initiatives Lisa Jackson recalled that Apple had reached its goal of fully operating on renewable energy just a year ago, but that work continues in line. with the growth of the company and its suppliers, which are increasingly committed to the environmental philosophy of the giant Cupertino.

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Apple VP also ventilated Ma's next phase of environmental policy work to better reuse materials in gadgets, as we announced earlier. In this regard, the executive noted that the new MacBooks Air and Macs mini housings are made of 100% recyclable aluminum, making Apple "a pioneer in a future where you don't have to extract precious materials from Earth to make products."

Creating powerful solutions to move humanity forward requires relentless innovation. Resolving to do so without needing the planet's precious resources means imposing on ourselves and our increasingly high standards suppliers. We know that doing this work requires all our best efforts. At Apple, we are committed to building innovative products and services with the mission of making our world better than we think it is.

Apple also highlighted a number of initiatives that bring it even closer to sustainability, including reducing the use of plastics (48% less than in 2015), expanding new materials recovery labs and launching programs. trade-in. In terms of its mission to “manufacture products without removing (materials) from the earth”, it highlighted three main areas:

  • Climate change: We assume responsibility for the emissions associated with our own operations, as well as the entire life cycle of all our products and accessories.
  • Resources: We believe in conserving Earth's resources by operating our facilities and manufacturing our products.
  • Smarter chemistry: We believe our products should be safe for anyone who makes, uses or recycles them.

The Cupertino giant is also proud of the fact that it does not use potentially harmful or even hazardous chemicals (such as mercury, brominated flame retardants, PVC, beryllium, soldered lead and arsenic) in the manufacture of any products. In Apple Watch, for example, Ma has limited exposure to nickel, a metal that can cause allergic reactions.

Just as important is perhaps the manufacture of devices with greater longevity, as highlighted in the report.

You have your device day after day. That's why we design our products with durable materials, support them with ongoing operating system upgrades, and make them easier to fix if anything happens. Because the longer a device is in use, the better we use Earth's resources.

In this regard, there is controversy. Yes, Apple offers its operating systems even for devices from years ago; yes, they are overall quite durable; but no, most of her recent products are totally sealed and impossible to fix as we see ourselves. teardowns from iFixit. D to improve a lot in that sense.

Check out Apple's full Environmental Responsibility Report here.