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Apple Highlights Apps and Stories on World Accessibility Awareness Day

THE Apple is celebrating the World Accessibility Awareness Day with new publications that highlight stories and apps to promote inclusion and access to technology for everyone.

Among the actions, the company created a new (and timely) session of the Today at Apple (at home) – an arm of Today at Apple created so that anyone can learn without leaving home, due to the pandemic of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) – filmed entirely in sign language. There are several videos demonstrating different features, such as the Clips app, iPhone Portrait Mode, GarageBand app, etc.

Today At Apple At Home Page

The news coincides with the anniversary of three years of Today at Apple, which started shipping around the world in 2017.

In addition, on the page, Apple added a new section with the slogan “Your device, your way”, linked to the company’s accessibility page, which highlights a number of personal stories and resources from iGadgets that help include people with disabilities in the technology world – and in the real world.

In the App Store, the “Today” section gained new stories with the theme “Made for accessibility” that stand out as some apps, like Strava, Tint and the game Toca Life World, that managed to help multiple users with different disabilities.

Finally, Apple created a new collection of apps for accessibility that “help with everything, whether it is time to perform routine tasks or facilitate the communication process”, as described by the company itself.

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via MacRumors