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Apple Highlights 1st Year Results of its Women's Developer Program

Apple celebrated the conclusion of the first year of Entrepreneur Camp, his immersion program for women developers, with the formation of his last class this year. For those who do not remember, the initiative was announced in November 2018 and is specifically aimed at serving women-founded and led organizations to help them both undertake and work to create cutting-edge applications.

During the course, Ma offers guidance, inspiration and technical support to all participants, who continue to receive support after completing their labs by becoming part of a “growing community of exceptional alumni who can help build and build businesses”.

Women developing apps

More precisely, women leaders of 42 companies participated in the program last year, which occurs once a quarter. Among the courses offered, members were able to better understand app development, design, machine learning, and augmented reality, and optionally to learn more about public relations and marketing.

One of the participants, Jhanvi Shriram, Krikey CEO, noted how she felt supported by Entrepreneur Camp from Apple.

It's about potential versus proof. Many times, as women, we are asked to constantly prove ourselves and defend our achievements, even if we have a doctorate or MBA. O Apple Entrepreneur Camp It was really a place where we were supported and seen for our potential.

Apple's senior director of worldwide developer marketing and executive sponsor of the initiative, Esther Hare, shared the impact of the project's first year and some of the company's sponsored productions.

I'm amazed at the passion and drive of our first year of innovators from the Entrepreneur Camp. They are using applications to impact people's lives and solve problems, from establishing connections for underrepresented groups in technology to providing solar energy and creating tools to improve mental health.

Apple Entrepreneur Camp Program

So far, Apple Entrepreneur Camp has received 100 participants in 13 different countries, and registration for the next class starting January 28 is already open. In addition to the course, each developer (and their respective companies) is invited to join WWDC to develop their apps on Ma's platforms and to continue to build a community with industry leaders.