Battery warning on iOS

Apple “hides” data from parallel batteries on the XS, XS Max and XR iPhones

Apple may be a very dedicated company, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its problems. Whether to protect the consumer or out of pure greed, the company has a very strict policy regarding repairs to its devices, whereby it tries to prevent any unauthorized technical assistance from carrying out repair or replacement procedures for iPhones, Macs components. , etc.

This is not exactly a new issue: the company has for some time been under pressure from consumers and small “Right to Repair” (“Right to Repair”, in direct translation). However, while the company takes two steps forward to expand access to authorized technical assistance in the United States, it takes another step back with even more restrictions – for everyone.

Yesterday, the iFixit (a repair firm known for disassembling Apple devices) has published an article in which it exposes a new method by the Cupertino giant to limit the repair of iPhone batteries that has not been done by the company itself (or its authorized service network) – this time, restricted to the XS, XS Max and XR iPhones only. When replacing such component in unauthorized third-party assistance, iOS will no longer display the Battery Health data, a feature that allows you to check the maximum capacity and performance of the battery, introduced in iOS 11.3.

In short, Apple is “blocking” the batteries of iPhones already at the factory; therefore, when replacing this component of the XS, XS Max and XR models in parallel (even if an original battery from Apple, from another iPhone was used), iOS will still display the message: “It was not possible to check if this iPhone has a genuine Apple battery. Battery Health data is not available for this battery. ”

Battery warning on iOS

Such an alert had been found, initially, on the YouTube channel TheArtofRepair earlier this week:

The only way to get around this is, guess what, paying Apple to replace your iPhone’s battery in an “official” way. This is because only Apple and its authorized service providers have diagnostic software called RepairCal to reset iOS status when a battery repair or replacement is done – a procedure that is obviously not available to third parties.

IFixit notes that the alert should not affect battery functionality, but it certainly makes it even more difficult to know when that component needs to be repaired again. There is also no information as to why only the most recent iPhone models have the restriction, but this may indicate that this is a practice that has recently been adopted by the company.

Apple’s Position on the Right to Repair

While supporters of the Direct to Repair policy continue to pressure the US government over technology companies’ “monopoly” over electronic product repair, an Apple spokesman commented that the company’s goal is “to ensure that its products are repaired in a safe and correct manner ”, arguing that repairs of iGadgets must be performed only in authorized technical assistance of the company, as disclosed by the Axios.

We want to ensure that our customers are always confident that their products will be repaired safely and correctly, and in a way that supports recycling. We are continually expanding our network of certified technicians and, more recently, we announced that any Best Buy store in the U.S. is now an authorized service provider.

On the other hand, users and defenders of the public interest argue that Apple just does not comply with the circumscribed requests in the Right to Repair project as this would “hinder the company’s sales”, giving it the necessary incentive to restrict device repair.

We’ll see how far this fight is going to go …

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