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Apple has already donated $ 200 million to fight AIDS with (RED)

One of Apple's most enduring partnerships with (RED), an institution founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver to raise funds to fight AIDS in Africa. Since 2006, with the presentation of the (PRODUCT) RED edition of iPod nano, Ma has been in the habit of launching special versions of several of its products in red color; part of the profits from its sales goes directly to the foundation and its anti-virus actions on the continent.

iPod nano - (PRODUCT) RED

The last time we talked about it, Apple alone had already helped raise around $ 160 million for (RED); now, that number is already jumped to $ 200 million or, more precisely, 1/3 of the total amount accumulated by the foundation since its origin.

In a text published today, Apple highlighted some health professionals dedicated to fighting AIDS in Africa, noting how the initiatives have been effective in containing the virus: in 2017, 53,000 cases of HIV were registered in Kenya, a decrease in both indexes. compared to the year 2000, when about 9.3% of all adults in the country had contracted the virus.

On twitter, Tim Cook celebrated the partnership and greeted health professionals dedicated to fighting the disease:

Apple is proud to support (RED) and health professionals in Africa in the fight against AIDS. In addition to testing and treatment, your kindness and empathy are helping to curb the spread and stigma of HIV.

As she usually does every year, in honor of World AIDS Day (which takes place this Saturday, December 1), Ma announced that donate $ 1 of each purchase made by Apple Pay at one of your stores, whether physical, online or through the Apple Store app. The company also illuminates Ma on its facades in red, to symbolize its support for fighting the virus.

iPhone Xr red front and back, series (PRODUCT) RED

On this page, you can check out all of the (PRODUCT) RED items currently sold by Apple, from the latest iPhone XR to iPod touch. Also included in the group are accessories such as silicone and leather covers (common and Folio) for iPhones, sporty wristbands and modern zipper for Apple Watch, Beats headphones and speakers and iPad cases and cases.