Apple has already considered using AMOLED screens on iPhones

Apple has already considered using AMOLED screens on iPhones

An interview by the DigiTimes with a specialist in the supply of components for devices manufactured in Asia says that Apple has already considered AMOLED screens for iPhones, which could have made its current 3GS model display pixels in a similar way to Google's Nexus One, which has a display of this technology. The article indicates that Steve Jobs's gang would have looked to Samsung to provide this screen model, but would not have been interested in the production proposal and its features.

Samsung's production of AMOLEDs almost a year ago would cause the number of iPhones manufactured by Apple to be well below what is needed to supply demand, which would lead to a drop of up to 50% in its global inventory compared to the days current recalling that, in June 2009, Apple already sold its smartphone in 80 countries. As if that were not enough, their value would make the devices less accessible to users, although the cost of producing AMOLEDs has already decreased compared to last year.

Nowadays, such screens can now be purchased for $ 38, being used on other devices from HTC and even from Samsung itself. However, Apple must use a special type of display on its next device with IPS technology (similar to the iPad, for better color and image quality), which, although not technologically more advanced than an AMOLED screen, can be purchased for just $ 20 a unit and anyone who owns an iPad or iMac knows the results it can deliver.

In this regard, it is worth mentioning that Apple's rejection of Samsung screens was also not a decision based only on quantity, but also on quality. Some of the Android smartphones produced with AMOLEDs do not leave texts as readable for users as they are on Apple gadgets, due to the lack of subpixels to eliminate artifacts that can impair legibility.

(via Electronist)