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Apple has already begun releasing Siri radio access before iOS 13 arrives

As we detail in this subject, the HomePod (actually the Crab from iOS 13 as a whole working also on iPhones and iPads) gain access to over 100,000 live radios worldwide in the coming months.

Behold, users in Germany who are testing iOS 13 beta today (Google Translate) have noted that the feature has already begun to release early, probably to ensure that everything works smoothly in September / October.

This Siri support will be integrated with iHeartRadio, Radio and TuneIn, supporting stations around the world. We do not know yet how many / which will be inside here in Brazil.

The first reports are that the thing is working very well, with great audio quality.

Support up to six different voices

Benjamin Mayo also noted interesting additions on the iOS 13 page on the Apple website:

I had not seen that Apple updated the HomePod page with software details (spring). The multiuser feature supports up to six different voices. (It's the) Handoff of songs appear as a notification.

Cool! 😉

via 9to5Mac