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Apple had to pay $ 450,000 for not treating electronic waste properly

Apple agreed to pay an amount of $ 450k Environmental Protection Agency (Environmental Protection Agency) for allegations that it was failing to properly handle its electronic waste in Cupertino and Sunnyvale (both in California, United States).

Between 2011 and 2012, Ma was reportedly operating an electronic waste crushing facility without informing the Toxic Substances Control Department (Department of Toxic Substances Control), as reported by Reuters. In addition, there were also allegations of metal powders coming from crushers that processed around 500,000 kilograms of waste until it closed in January 2013.

After that, another crushing facility was opened in Sunnyvale, where it processed more than 300,000 kilograms of garbage, again without the department being aware of it. The situation at this facility is even worse, as department auditors said they found toxic dust in rubbish that was not authorized to handle this type of toxic waste.

Apple representative Alisha Johnson gave her opinion in an email to Reuters:

This issue involves supervising the filing of paperwork to close one of our recycling facilities as part of our expansion to a larger location. We work closely (with the Toxic Substances Control Department) to ensure that, in the future, we will have appropriate permissions for our current location. As we do with all of our facilities, we follow our rigorous set of health and safety standards, which go well beyond legal requirements.

, Apple, does as much propaganda about how correct it is in relation to the environment and step on these balls? How ugly 😝

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But let's face it, we all hit the ball every now and then, huh? It seems to us that this is a watertight case and there is already other news circulating about Apple's good intent in relation to the environment.

Parque elico clean energy environment

Ma joined forces with the largest turbine manufacturing company in the world, Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technologyin order to bring clean energy to its production and manufacturing process for Apple partner facilities in China, as reported by South China Morning Post.

One of Goldwind's subsidiaries will be responsible for building and operating wind farms and distributing clean energy to factories, possibly the well-known Foxconn and Pegatron. Although it was not revealed exactly the values ​​involved in this journey, documents show that the two companies will have a large participation both financially and in operations, since everything needs to undergo unanimous approval by their directors.

This is one of the attitudes to try as much as possible to use 100% clean energy in its operations, as it was committed in September. Perhaps it is even due to incidents like the one reported at the beginning of this post that the company “moved” to harm the environment less.

(via AppleInsider, MacRumors)