Apple, Google and Amazon team up to create unified IoT language

THE Amazon, Apple and Google teamed up to create an association to enable Internet of Things (IoT) communicate with each other. The organization will be responsible for creating a unified programming language among the gadgets of competing companies. For this they will collaborate with Zigbee Alliance.


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In addition, the three companies that are among the largest in the voice assistant market will work together to make handsets safer to use and easy to set up. Zigbee Alliance members include companies such as Samsung, Somfy and IKEA.

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"The lack of an industry-wide connectivity standard leaves people confused and frustrated when it comes to understanding how devices work with each smart home ecosystem. It also puts a heavy burden on manufacturers to ensure that all devices are compatible with each other ".Statement by Nike Sathe and Grant Erickson, Google Nest Unit Engineers

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According to the website Ad age, Apple and Google already work with relatively open systems. This will allow you to connect tens of thousands of third party devices to smart speakers with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

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On the other hand, Apple only supports a few hundred gadgets through its HomeKit standard. Which has not caused any problems so far, as it is a still emerging market at the moment. But the market for smart home devices is expected to grow to be worth $ 174.2 billion by 2025. To have a perspective, that figure was $ 55.7 billion in 2016.

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But this alliance is already beginning to raise suspicions about the privacy and security of users. After all, Google and Amazon collect data from around the world that uses smart speakers to light a lamp or lock a bite. Companies also suggest that gadget makers like Logitech send data every time someone performs an action.

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